What do you think? Is there a disconnect of Young vs. Old Nudists? How do you think we can bridge the gap?

Clothing Optional

live naked live proud

Hey friends,

It’s Buck. I was thinking today about nudist/naturist resorts, and how anybody of any age, race or background can be a nudist. But yet, I fear a lot of people don’t feel that way. There are a lot of nudists/naturists that I think don’t get enough notice. For instance, I know that there are a lot of older nudists who tend to be rather edgy towards younger nudists, especially single men. There’s a number of nudist resorts that only cater to couples, and not singles. And of course, there’s a number of nudist resorts that don’t cater to children under 18. If we shun people away, how can we get more people into nudism, especially the younger crowds?

Being a young single male nudist myself, I do not understand why there is this disconnect, and it kind of hurts my feelings–especially if I cannot go into a nudist…

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Recovering from Faceache (Facebook) | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page

TNP - LogoI have begun adding some of my friends from my old account to my textile account. So now my textile account is a mix of both. Keep in mind that I will still refrain from posting nudist related links, pics or blogs on that account. However, I did create my public figure page, Scott RedCloud. Follow me there for my regular posts I usually did on my old account.

As for The Naturist Page on Facebook, since my old account was the only Owner/Admin on it with a little over 2,300 followers, it’s risking to be shutdown by Faceache for a 3rd time. Some good news is my textile account controls The Naturist Page – Back-up Site. Please follow my page to keep up to date with my postings there as well. only thing is my back-up site only have 503+ followers at the moment. Spreading the word…

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Observations from my first summer of social nudism

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  • Nudists are a microcosm of the larger society. This summer I met nudist who were democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, nice and less nice, welcoming and less welcoming, talkative and quiet. All kinds of people are nudists
  • Nudists do really come in all shapes and sizes. On my visit to the resort There were all kinds of body shapes,levels of fitness, heights, widths when it comes to body types and shape the nudist community really is diverse.
  • By and large nudist are friendly people. Just as with the rest of society there are people who are super friendly and other not so much. Good thing for me I always came across some friendly folks.

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Dancing in the rain | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page

A memory sparked up and thought i’d share my experiences with you. I believe I was 17 years old. I was at the Lasalle waterfront — some 200m due east of where the surfers like to catch some river rapid waves during the summer. it was about 35°c with a humidity of 43°c and sunny. It started to get windy while one of my exes and I were just spending some quality time together. for the meantime, we didn’t know it yet, a storm was brewing and we were facing west when the storm was coming from the east.

Munching on my cheetos and sipping water, I was sharing my bag of chips with her overlooking the river just listening to all the nature around us and laughter of others in the distance. It wasn’t long after suddenly the sun hid behind some clouds when it was then I turned…

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I Think I’ve Been a Nudist at Heart All Along, Come to Think of It… (And I Never Realized It ’til Now)

Clothing Optional

nudist revolution movement

Hi friends,

Buck here. This morning I woke up real early because I just started thinking about being a nudist. As you guys probably already know, I “officially” came out as a nudist last November just before my 24th birthday and was raised in a non-nudist family. But come to think of it, I think my love for being naked may actually have roots in the early stages of my life—and I think I’ve been a nudist at heart my entire life, but I never wanted to actually admit it.

While I was thinking about this, I started watching “The Puppy Episode” of Ellen DeGeneres’s 90s sitcom, Ellen, online. Even though I’m not gay, I thought about Ellen talking to her therapist (Oprah Winfrey) after coming out to a fellow lesbian she met, who worked with an old boyfriend of Ellen’s. While talking with her therapist, Ellen talked about times…

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Are nudists making a statement by being naked?

Naked and Happy

By being a nudist and being open about it, you definitely make a statement: a body is not something to be ashamed of and it can be openly shown to everyone. As nudist we believe nudity is good. We feel good naked and we would love everybody to understand this. However, there are many undisclosed nudists. Some people, who spend their holidays naked in a nudist resort, never tell others about their nude holidays, fearing the potential rejection. It’s sad because nudism is a wonderful and respectful activity that should not label people. Now, when you are an open nudist, are you making a statement by being naked and by looking for opportunities to be naked? Here are two dimensions we can look at with being naked: the state of nudity and the naked body

The state of nudity has two sides: making a statement, not making a statement. On…

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‪#‎MyNameIs Facebook’s “Fake Name” Policy

The Naturist Page

On June the 4th, my account on Facebook was disabled due to their ‘fake name’ policy. This policy is to be quite honest is messed up! — I don’t know the number of people affected, however I’m sure it’s in the thousands or even more! People should not have to use their real name on social media. There was a big protest outside of Facebook on June 1st with Drag Queens, and others describing how not everyone wants to use their real name on social media to protect their identity and choose have a different name other than their real one.

It’s a huge problem in privacy. There are so many options in facebook based on privacy to help protect yourself, yet, the biggest privacy of them all is the ability to use an alias when people have a secret lives such as Drag Queens, Nudists, etc who do not…

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Watercolour Revolutionaries

steve ritter

No body paint, no props; just two nude models. It’s quite the usual thing for models at life drawing groups to pose without adornment, but this was the first time I had been called to do so with Art Macabre.

The focus of this salon was artists and materials. After a six month absence, Art Macabre was back in collaboration with Cass Art for ‘Watercolour Revolutionaries’ at their Kingston store, an event presented over two successive evenings in May.

Tableaux and techniques will be inspired by visionary watercolour artists such as William Blake, Tracey Emin and Egon Schiele. Experiment with the new Winsor & Newton professional Watercolour Markers which offer bright, vibrant colours, in an innovative form for increased versatility. The timeless medium has never been so dynamic.

I had been booked to pose with fellow model Lily on the second evening, under the inspired guidance…

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It’s Summer. It’s Time to Get Naked! Ten answers to your naked questions.

Clothing Optional Trips

Photo from http://hcb4.tumblr.com/ Photo from http://hcb4.tumblr.com/

It’s summer! The sun is shining and the temperatures are finally heating up. For most of us, our thoughts turn to weekend cookouts, baseball games, swimming pools and fire pits.

It’s also a great time to go outside and get naked. Most nudist camps allow guests to try their facilities from Memorial Day to Labor Day. While it may sound a little intimidating at first, a nudist camp is a great way to learn more about nude recreation and can be a great experience for you and your spouse.

My wife and I are not nudist. We don’t sit around the house naked or garden in the buff. It doesn’t fit with our lifestyle, however when we can get some time away from our family, jobs, and other commitments, we’ve found a day (or afternoon) sitting in the sun wearing nothing at all can be a wonderfully relaxing…

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