When its hot outside

The Naked Truth continues...


Today is definitely so far the hottest day of the year as temperatures here in the South East hit a gorgeous 27°c. As this was forecast last week the forecasters are patting themselves on the back and every newspaper you open has stories of what you should do on a day like today. Funny though hardly any mention anything about taking all your clothes off. Surely clothes in all their glory are only used to keep warm and any weather that is too warm is not good for the body’s own built in cooling system.You have to laugh at some of the reasons,some writers put down…they are to be honest utter nonsense….people in all honesty really  just do what other people do….for the most part.

 Walking to Happiness - 2WP_20150622_12_26_58_ProWP_20150630_011

“Clothes are a part of our identity…..Clothes differentiate men and women. The female body is covered to evoke interest among men and create…

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