Taking the Plunge

The Naked Truth continues...


All the preposterous nonsense that follows nudity most of the time, is generated by the self perpetuating media, who really in all honesty, like to see themselves elevated to the moral high ground. Time after time however comments or complaints shoot down the medias point of view as being irrelevant and most of the time ineffectual.
It was good to read mind you in a local newspaper recently just before the Chelmsford WNBR the words.
” Contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal to be naked in a public place ” Then of course the editor got out the black marker pen and the pixelating machine and suitably covered up “all that thou must not see ” but at least I suppose its a start.


With the good weather continuing on from June the chance to go walking from time to time has come about albeit clothed and without my…

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