If you wouldn’t censor my hands, then why censor my penis?

Clothing Optional


Hey friends,

It’s one crazy world we live in—too much of society has become so married on the idea about nudity being connected to sex—a man’s penis and a woman’s vulva and breasts are sex objects. Too many people think that if a penis or female breasts or a vulva are shown, it is purposely meant to sexually arouse people. And of course, sex is an adult thing, which obviously children shouldn’t see. So this is what people think—naked means sex, oh I gotta hide it from the kids and I’ve always got to cover up if I am not having sex or want it. And because of that, whenever nudity is shown on TV or in most movies, the genitals and buttocks are usually always blurred or somehow censored. IT’S A CRYING SHAME. So does this mean no other parts of the body can also be used for sexual…

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