Nudism is for all ages

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Nudism is truly for all ages. It’s a very good and exhilarating lifestyle. Let’s talk about how and why nudism is not age-restricted.

Nudism is for all ages because we are naked underneath our clothes when we’re clothed. Therefore, we cannot escape from nudity. Why be afraid of nudity? Why be horrified of the sight of a naked body while being okay with someone murdered?

Non-sexual, wholesome nudity should be shown and seen to children as well. It’s very good and important for children to know about the human body because they belong to humanity.

We are all born naked. Nudism is the way forward and should be something for everyone to enjoy, which indeed it is there for anyone and everyone. The only thing keeping us from being nudists is the clothes we wear. We just need to take our clothes off and be comfortable in our own skin…

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