My name is Maurice Smith though most people call me Moe and I proudly exclaim to the world that “I am a Naturist/Nudist!” This page is quite simply about a lifestyle choice call Naturism also known as Nudism and the people who live it. Here you will find a wide variety of topics all relating in some fashion to our chosen lifestyle. We are not about sex or pornography, we are literally just comfortable in our own skin, in ourselves and prefer to live life clothing free as much as possible. Please enjoy and feel free to contribute. Pornography will not be accepted and if posted it will be removed. I am not a vulgar person and have no wish for that type of behavior to be associated with my site/page. If all you wish to do is critizise my lifestyle choice then please feel free to leave and not participate in the discussions.

Nudist Bill of Rights

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent, my naked brother! 🙂 I just discovered your site today. I’m a follower now and will be back often! Much love and naked hugs!

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