Spending 24 hours in Facebook Jail

I have recently been placed in Facebook jail for 24 hours because of an image that is part of one of my wordpress blogs “The world we live in” that I shared to my facebook account. I think what bothers me the most about the whole situation is the image shows a loving naturist family posing for a picture while out walking their dog and someone looks at this type of picture as unwholesome and damaging to the moral fibre. Facebook won’t allow this picture because it contains nudity.

Here is the picture for your opinions. All in the family

People have no issues looking at pictures that in my opinion are rather graphic in nature such as mutilated animals, images that are extremely violent in nature and even ones like the following picture.

Please help me understand why the first image is offensive and damaging to our moral fibre yet the second image is quite alright. Please help change public opinion about what is inappropriate by protesting the insanity and unfairness of Facebook and Google+ Guidelines. Make all of our voices heard and spread this message.


Maurice W. Smith (Moe)
The Simple Naturist